You're Engaged. Now What?

You just got engaged, and you couldn't be more excited! And if you're like most newly engaged, you want to immediately start the planning process.... right? And then you sit down, and immediately get overwhelmed. Trust us, we hear this from clients all the time, and the last thing you want is the wedding planning bringing down the excitement of your new engagement. Below are the first four steps in planning a wedding, to help reduce the stress and kick off the planning!




Everyone wants to immediately jump into booking the venue and other vendors - but first you need to know your budget. This will set the tone for the rest of the planning, and without knowing this in advance - you won't know how many guests you can have, what else you can spend on, etc.

Sit down with those who will be helping pay for the wedding and figure out the total amount you will be spending. If others are helping pay for wedding expenses, find out what the limitations are; are they wanting their money to go to certain things? Are the budgets in place exclusive of certain items? You need to make sure you are very clear on all the details. Knowing the budget before booking anything will help keep you out of trouble later.


STEP 2: Hire a Planner

Yes, shameless plug. But seriously, no matter who you hire - you should hire a planner. Whether they are helping you full service, or closer to time - you need a professional who can help guide you through the process. You need someone to help format a budget once you know how much you have to spend and give you realistic expectations of expenses (don't believe everything you read on all the wedding platform websites).  You need someone who can help review contracts, make vendor and venue suggestions, and who can keep you from  booking and/or paying for the wrong things. You'd be surprised how quickly a budget can be blown out of the water if you book before exploring all the details!

What's important to you? What does your timeline look like? And who the heck is going to set up all these chairs!?!  




The guest count is partially decided by your budget and partially by your venue, but initially in the planning you and your significant other need to sit down with your families and figure out (best case scenario) how many people everyone plans to invite. You can call it List A, you can call it a first round - whatever you call it, just know it will change. Some will be added to the list and some will come off the list. You just need a starting point. If you land at 300+, you may come down some, but a venue that holds 100~ is not going to be an option. Most venues will ask your general guest count in the inquiry stage.


The fourth step is finding your venue. Your budget and guest count will come in to play here - if you need more room for your larger guest count, but need to bring in your own caterer to help reduce the costs. Or if you have a smaller guest count but want a certain feel and decor for the reception. There are TONS of options and things to consider when looking for the perfect venue, so don't jump into anything. Plus, depending on where you go things like catering, bar service, cake, decor, rental, floral, etc may be included in the price. (see #2, this person can help shuffle through all the details)



Want help with steps 5 and on? Drop us a line and lets chat!