Other Events

Weddings, yes. Corporate, of course. But what about all the other events? LexEffect is a full service event management and planning firm - and no matter the type of event, we can help. With the wide variety of events we host and help with, we have a leg up and a creative look at each event we are a part of. From creative revenue generators, to unique branding opportunities - let us help you create an event that will blow your guests away.

LexEffect offers a variety of planning, management, and logistics/coordination services for your next event, including...

  • Farm-to-Table Events

  • Social Gatherings

  • Holiday Events

  • Festivals

  • Community Events

  • Tasting Events

  • Fundraisers

  • Concierge Services for Guests in Town

  • Special Celebrations

  • Street Fairs

  • Venue Management

  • And more!

  • Charity Events

  • Retreats

  • Social Entertaining

  • Concerts

  • New Concept Creation

  • Cocktail Parties


We also offer our clients assistance or management with...

  • Full Service PR Management (clients & events)

  • Registration and Ticketing Support

  • Marketing Services

  • Videography

  • Graphic Design

  • Website Support and Re-Development

  • Collateral Creation & Printing (Pamphlets, Invitations, etc.)

  • Photography

- We serve as your on-call, one-stop-shop for everything you need -

Testimonials -

"I attended all four dinners this year (2015), and they were consistently delicious. LexEffect does a great job of bringing together local foods and local chefs, and then placing them in great locations. The cocktail pairings were thought out well, and I've had a great time meeting new people at each event. Looking forward to more in 2016."   - Tanzi [Farm-to-Table Series]

"Lexeffect did an awesome job helping us host our international business partners in Lexington. Would recommend them or do it again with them at the drop of a hat." - Greg [concierge service]